Want to get some honest, productive feedback during the conference from the hosts?


Steve and Beth are offering short, personal phone consultations at discounted prices to retreat attendees before the evening sessions each day.


Send us your stuff (as outlined below), and we’ll review it in advance. Each call will be 20 minutes. Please plan to send us all material to review no later than October 15.

You can add your one-on-one appointment during Registration. Please specify whether you would like to meet with Steve or Beth. 

We’ll be in touch within a week to schedule your conversation. Appointments will happen on October 22-25 at a time that’s mutually convenient for us both.


Manuscript opening (do your first 10 pages of fiction or nonfiction draw me in?)

Cover copy review (will your 200-word book description sell your book?)

Book cover design review (will your book cover catch readers’ attention…in all the right ways?)

Website review (does your website help you sell your book?)

Open Q & A (what’s on your mind?)

  • Social media review

  • Brand assessment (what are you known for?)

  • Website review

  • Book cover design review and feedback

  • Five-page writing analysis of your best work

  • Open Q & A (what’s on your mind?)