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Creating & Selling

Your Best Book:

Self Publish Like a Pro

An Online Retreat for Writers

Hosted by Beth Jusino and Steve Watkins

OCTOBER 22-25, 2020




One of the best presentations
I’ve ever attended...

Ready to take publishing into your own hands, but overwhelmed by all of the options and decisions involved? Join us—Steve Watkins and Beth Jusino—for a four-day deep dive into the self publishing process and learn how to take your words from final draft to published book that sells. Whether you’re writing a novel, a memoir, or a how-to guide, this retreat will help you map a path to your very own best book.

Creating and Selling Your Best Book is a friendly, accessible conversation about self publishing, start to finish, led by two professional writers and guides who not only self published their own award-winning books, but have also guided many dozens of other writers along the way.

Oh, and we’re also friends. We met in 2015 through a shared love of the Camino de Santiago, which we’ve both walked and written about. Our conversations expanded over the years, along with our writing topics. We’ve served as beta readers, sounding boards, and editors for one another, have been interviewed on podcasts together, and have shared book sales tables at conferences. (Click here to listen to Steve and Beth talk about the process of writing on The Camino Podcast.)

What we learned along the way is that self publishing is incredibly fulfilling, but also complicated, and it helps to work as a team. So that’s what this virtual retreat is about. We'll share with you what we’ve learned about formatting and distribution options, tips and tricks for creating a great design, legalities, writing great marketing copy, and finding the best contractors or service companies to help you accomplish your unique goals. 

But—and this is important—THIS RETREAT IS NOT A LECTURE. IT’S A CONVERSATION WITH EACH OTHER, AND WITH YOU. Yes, we’ll give you specific steps, checklists, and advice, but we’ll also have a lot of time for engagement, stories, and questions—both yours and our own.

Will you join us? We’d love to help you publish your very best book.



The virtual conference will happen (like almost everything in 2020) via Zoom. When you register, you will receive a link and instructions via email on how to join the class.  On the days of the event, you will join through your Internet-connected computer or mobile device.


Sessions will start each night at 7:00 ET/4:00 PT and run for 2 and a half hours. Each evening
will include two short presentations, with lots of time for questions and answers,
and then a 30-minute open, unscripted conversation about a related topic.

Can’t make one of the sessions? Everyone who registers will have access to recordings of the full retreat to watch on your own time. 




VOICE: The expression of YOU on the Page


How to Make Sure You Pull Your Reader into Your Writing from Page 1





How to Attract Future Readers Even Before Your Book Comes Out (and why you should)



How Great Content Marketing Builds a Team of Stakeholders (and why they're more important than readers)





The Step-by-Step Self Publishing Checklist, from Draft to First Sale



Changing Hats: Leading an Amazing Production Team





10 Social Media Tactics to Sell Your Book



10 Ways to Promote Your New Release That AREN'T Social Media

Just a brief note to express thanks for your informative webinar. It’s a huge topic but you did a good job of covering most of the major points and organizing it in such a way that we writers can go back and plug in of our individual situations to look critically at what will work for us and what won’t.


DSC_0577 (2).jpg



Beth Jusino has almost twenty years of experience helping writers navigate the complicated space between manuscript and final book. A former literary agent and marketing director, she’s now a writer, editor, and publishing consultant for both traditional and self-publishing authors. 

Beth is the author of the independently published resource for writers, The Author's Guide to Marketing, which received a silver medal in the 2014 Independent Publisher Awards, and the traditionally-published travel memoir Walking to the End of the World: A Thousand Miles on the Camino de Santiago. As a consultant, she advises on and manages the self-publishing process for dozens of authors every year, helping them launch and sell their books. Beth is a member of The Authors Guild and the Northwest Editors Guild, and has taught at writers’ conferences across the country. She lives in Seattle, WA.


Find out about her books:


Visit her online at or on Twitter/Instagram @bethjusino




Steve Watkins has spent a lifetime in mass communication - newspaper reporter, press secretary, magazine publisher, and author. His first book, Pilgrim Strong: Rewriting My Story on the Way of St. James was named Non-Fiction Book of the Year at the prestigious Blue Ridge Christian Writers Conference. In October 2020, he releases his second non-fiction work, The King of Highbanks Road: Rediscoving Dad, Rural America, and Learning to Love Home Again.


An author who loves selling as much as writing, his work has been featured on House and Garden Television (HGTV) on the show House Hunters International, National Public Radio, Southern Writers Magazine, and in 2018, he orchestrated a nationwide book tour across 17 states and 53 speaking venues. He is the founder of Tranquility Base Retreat Center for Writers and Thinkers in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.

Learn more about his books:

Visit him online at



I didn’t read this book in two days - it actually took me 3 weeks. But not because it was difficult to read or easy to put down. To the contrary, it resonated so strongly with me that I wanted to savor the story and digest the pearls of wisdom Steve offers so eloquently. He has an uncanny way of writing that makes the reader feel that we are engaged in a conversation - he is sitting there with you as you hear him open his heart and bare his soul. And as with any real conversation, you see remnants of yourself in his quandaries, find yourself pulling for him to the find answers, and when he does you shake your head in acknowledgement of the shared “yes.”

Your session on marketing for writers is the best two hours I have spent in a long time. And being an old fart, I prize the time I have left.

What a wonderful class!  The wealth of information [you] provided us participants was amazing; the class should probably have been an all day experience given the scope and intricacies/details you provided.  The class make up ran across fiction, non fiction, sci-fi and fantasy to memoir writers, yet you navigated the various questions and comments with practiced calm and facility.

I think he has discovered a way of writing stories from the depth of his heart that is worth emulating.



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